Learn to code by cloning Airbnb

Arthur Yeti

Arthur Yeti / July 05, 2019

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I've met many freelancers and remote workers willing to earn passive income. Usually by starting a side project. Their ideas are great, but usually, they can't build them, because they don't know how to code.

I'll try to solve this issue with my new project: Learn to code startups. I'll teach anyone who knows a little bit of HTML, CSS and Javascript how to clone Airbnb with React.

A practical course to stay motivated

There are gazillions of coding courses out there. Why starting a new one?

I found them boring and overwhelming for beginners. You usually learn concepts and apply them in exercises. You lose motivation and quit.


Building an Airbnb clone gives you a context to apply you’ve learned.

Practicing with real use cases is the best way to stay motivated. For example instead of saying « I’ve learned how to use props and state », you will say « I’ve built a booking system with React ».

Same when you want to learn Spanish, you go to Spain and speak with locals in Spanish.

What you’ll get

A complete course with video and text lessons to help you clone Airbnb with React, GraphQL and Prisma. I’m planing to release it for September 1st.

Once it’s published you’ll get:

  • Instant access to a private community
  • Stream all lessons from your dashboard
  • Your questions about the course answered by me
  • Source code well documented for all lessons
  • Lifetime access to any updates of this course

You can pre-order it now for $77 instead of $154.

Who is this for?

Anyone looking to build a marketplace like Airbnb or improve their front end development skill set.

You should be already familiar with the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. If you have no skills, it will just take you more time to complete the course.

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