Yooo, my name is Arthur and I'm french.

I wasn't the best at school, but I've been a javascript developer since 2010. I'm proud of Nomad House and my craziness.

I don't think too much, well I do but I like to make stuff. In short, I am a solopreneur who's traveling the world.

I'm writing in english and french about kickstarting a business, react/react-native, the digital nomad lifestyle and freelancing.

Some fun facts... I've been: a polar bear for a day, a model in Asia and a unicycle basketball player.

Best products

  • Nomad House – this product is the most popular I've made. So happy to work on this every day.
  • Boite Cocotte – we cofounded this project with my dad.
  • Le Chantier – I've always wanted a community. I'm proud of the members!

My work has been featured in:

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