• A box made by my dad. I'm helping my dad to launch his project. We have 50 customers so far!

  • A french community of makers. So proud of this community. I'm trying to improve it every week.

  • 30 days retreat to focus and kickstart your idea. My main project. I'm getting so much energy from this project/community. I'll work on it until I die.

  • My courses to to clone startups like Airbnb, Uber, and Tinder with React and GraphQL.

  • A job board for javascript developer. I can't focus full time on it, but recruiters are posting often.

  • Cocal

    Discover new digital nomad retreats. Again it was a side project for Nomad House, but the traction was too small.

  • Wifilist

    Discover places with wifi around you. It was a side-project for Nomad House, but it was hard to scale it. Since I had to test every places that I was adding.

  • Caillou

    Send a rock to someone you love. I've started this project because I used to give a rock to my grandma when she was sick. I didn't have time to focus on this project, but I've made one sale.

  • ICU

    Discover pictures around you. My first ever startup that failed quickly. Only few users downloaded it.