7 cliché about digital nomads


I keep laughing when people are spreading the word that they are working on the beach as a digital nomad. I’m not a digital nomad but location independent.


Are you ready to see the truth for once? Here are the 10 most common clichés about digital nomads.

Laptop picture on the beach

WRONG! I tried couple times, I can’t work on the beach because of no power outlet, no wifi, sand, sun reflects on my screen.

Laptop Beach

I can teach you how to be a digital nomad

Yeah, please teach me how to board a plane, open my laptop, work, talk to my clients. WRONG!

Quit your job and start your dream

Let’s do it, I quit, now what should I do? Stay in Chiang Mai for 6 months and trying to figure out how to make money online? WRONG!

Quit Fake

Buy my ebook, you will get the 10 secrets to becoming successful

WRONG! How come I missed this amazing piece of content that cost only an email + $9.99?

Ebook Fake

Meet like-minded people

WRONG! Yes you will meet great minds. You will feel lonely as hell after 6 months. Then, go back to your parents place and figure out a way to leave again.

Quit Fake

You will find yourself

WRONG! You will lose yourself and be far from your friends. Living a different life is tough. Working 10 hours per day. Same coffee place, eating at the same spot, seeing the same people won’t make you find yourself. GO WILD INSTEAD!

Build Your Personal Brand

Post picture on Instagram of you working at the beach, put filters, tell how your life is amazing. Ok to be honest, I tried this. It’s boring at the end. FUCK LIKES!

In short, don’t follow the digital nomad movement. But aim for the location independent. Change your mind every 3 months, it’s fine.

I almost forget, don’t listen to me, I know shit …